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As our cities and suburbs grow, so does the importance of fostering connected communities. If done well, urban development provides opportunities to support this goal through engagement and good design.

WGV by LandCorp is a two-hectare medium density residential infill development near Fremantle that incorporates leading energy and water innovations, along with creative urban greening. Projects like WGV have the challenge of meeting the expectations of an existing community whilst designing for the needs of future residents. In this episode of Density by Design, Dr Josh Byrne investigates the role that the local community have played in shaping WGV from the early planning stages, and the way that new residents are bringing the precinct to life.

Dr Josh Byrne is an environmental scientist and research fellow with Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living. In Density by Design Josh has visited some of Australia’s most inspiring medium to high density housing projects. He has been following the development of WGV from start to finish to get a clear picture of what it takes to design and deliver density better.

Density by Design is supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living in partnership with Curtin University, LandCorpCity of Fremantle and Josh Byrne & Associates. The video series is produced by VAM Media and Directed by Brendan Hutchens.