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Project: Christie Walk

Location: Adelaide CBD

Climate: Mediterranean

Scale: 2,000m2 mixed typology residential development (27 dwellings)

Lead: Paul Downton (Architect)

Status: Completed 2006

Interview Transcripts (PDF)

Christie Walk

Christie Walk, named after the late environmental activist Scott Christie, is a multi-residential infill development on the edge of the Adelaide CBD, accommodating 27 dwellings and approximately 40 residents on a 2,000m2 lot. Dwelling types include apartments, town house and detached cottages.

Kicking off in 1999, Christie Walk is a pioneering project that reflects the ‘eco village’ aspirations of the environmental movement of the day, and this is expressed in the vernacular, materials and community driven process underpinning the development. Nationally recognised and widely visited, Christie Walk is the perfect place to start our journey.

The project began as a development cooperative, led by Urban Ecology Australia. Completed In 2006, the development is home to a mix of original and newer residents, but retains a strong focus on the importance of community.

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