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Project: Bowden

Location: Bowden, Adelaide

Climate: Mediterranean

Scale: 16ha mixed-use precinct

Lead: Renewal SA (Govt Agency)

Status: Commenced 2008 – forecast completion 2026

Interview Transcript (PDF)


Located 2.5km from the Adelaide CBD on former industrial land, Bowden is the South Australian Government Development Agency, Renewal SA’s most ambitious development project. The 16ha mixed-use project commenced in 2008 and is forecast to be completed by 2026, targeting 2,500 residential dwellings, 10-12,000 square metres of retail space, and approximately 15-20,000 square metres of commercial office space.

Bowden demonstrates significant leadership in urban planning, with carefully considered design guidance and review processes. All buildings are required to achieve a 5 Star GBCA Green Star rating and be assessed by an architectural review panel.

As a project that is mid-way through development, it provides a good opportunity to see how considered planning and good design transfer into reality along a continuum spanning from planners, to developers, to architects and consultants, to builders, through to early residents.

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