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Project: WGV

Location: White Gum Valley, WA

Climate: Mediterranean

Scale: 2.2 ha mixed typology residential precinct (approx. 100 dwellings)

Lead: DevelopmentWA

Status: Commenced 2013; Forecast for completion by end of 2020


WGV is a 2.2ha medium density, 100 dwelling residential infill development located in the City of Fremantle. Led by DevelopmentWA, the WA State Government’s land development agency, WGV demonstrates design excellence by incorporating diverse building typologies (detached houses and apartments), climate-sensitive considerations, solar energy generation and storage, innovative water management, and creative urban greening strategies. The project has been endorsed as an international One Planet Living community. This DevelopmentWA ‘Innovation through Demonstration‘ project has been the subject of several concurrent research programs designed to explore novel approaches to urban densification, affordable housing and sustainable development. These include:

WGV also set to be home to Australia’s first Baugruppen project, which itself is being run as an applied research project to test this model of affordable housing delivery under Australian conditions.

The Density by Design WGV web series follows the development of WGV from construction, to completion, through to occupancy. It is focusing on the mechanisms used to achieve low carbon outcomes, their acceptance and uptake, and how to make them mainstream. The six episodes include:

  1. WGV – An introduction
  2. Multi-Residential Housing
  3. Net Zero Energy & Beyond
  4. Water Sensitive Urban Design
  5. Engaging People & Fostering Community
  6. Project Series Wrap – What Have We Learned?


WaterWise Development Exemplar

For publications on the WGV Waterwise Development Exemplar go to the Density by Design Waterwise Development Exemplar page.

WaterWise Development Exemplar

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