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Four years ago Curtin University Research Fellow Dr Josh Byrne set out to document leading examples of medium and high density residential development across Australia. Having visited projects in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, his attention turned to following the developed of WGV in Fremantle, by WA State Government Developer, LandCorp.

WGV has been a test bed for innovation and research on initiatives such as housing diversity, strata-scale solar energy storage and water sensitive urban design. As the development nears completion, Josh asks the question “how do we measure the success of the project and how does it stack up?”

In the final episode of this series, Josh speaks with the project team, City of Fremantle Mayor, local residents and his research colleagues to discuss the significance of WGV, how the learnings can be utilised and why this is important.

Density by Design has been delivered as part of a broader research project on low carbon residential developments supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living. Project partners include LandCorpCurtin University, City of Fremantle and Josh Byrne & Associates. The video series is produced by VAM Media and Directed by Brendan Hutchens.

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