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Project: Central Park

Location: Chippendale, Sydney

Climate: Warm temperate

Scale: 5.8ha mixed-use precinct, including high density residential

Lead: Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia

Status: Commenced 2008; One Central Park Tower completed 2013; Precinct completion forecast 2018

Interview Transcripts (PDF)

Central Park

Central Park in Sydney’s CBD is a 5.8ha mixed-use precinct that gives us a glimpse of the ‘city of the future’. One where exciting architecture and biophillic design justifiably earn their place in the heart of our cities. Once complete, the former industrial site will yield around 2,400 apartments, 400 hotel rooms, 1,000 student accommodation beds, 6,000 square metres of commercial space and 20,000 square metres of retail. One third of the 5.8 hectare site has been devoted to public open spaces.

The project incorporates the flagship One Central Park Tower, designed by French Architectural Firm Ateliers Jean Nouvel (with PTW Architects), featuring an iconic heliostat and extensive green walls. There is also cutting edge precinct-scale utility infrastructure including a tri-generation plant which provides power, heating and cooling energy, and a wastewater treatment plant that processes sewerage into high quality recycled water for local reuse.

Central Park blends modern high density modern development with adaptive use of historic buildings and provision of quality public amenity. It has opened an otherwise inaccessible part of the city and triggered the activation of the surrounding area.

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